Help! I've been cursed

So you were cursed eh? Happens to the best of us. You can get revenge by visiting and sending a voodoo curse to someone else. Check below for further assistance.

Q: Is there any way to find out who cursed me?
A: No, all curses are anonymous. Try cursing someone else. You'll feel better.

Q: I'm seriously concerned that bad things will happen to me now that I've been cursed. How can I get rid of the curse?
A: Curses can only be removed in two ways:

1. You can pass your curse on to someone else by sending them a curse.

2. You could lighten up. Remember this is only a web page.

Q: Now that has collected my e-mail address, does this mean I'll be receiving a lot of junk e-mail?
A: No. does not send out junk e-mail. We do not sell or otherwise distribute e-mail addresses to other parties for use in mailing lists.

Q: Can I get revenge on the specific person who cursed me by sending them a curse?
A: If you are able to guess who cursed you, this might be possible. We recommend trying the following:

Slow method:
Scrutinize your entire list of friends and acquaintances. Eliminate your true friends and develop a suspect list. Analyze your suspect list and try to determine curse motives for each person. When you think you've found the culprit, deliver your revenge curse.

Quick method (preferred):
Send curses to everyone you know. They probably deserve it anyway, and you are almost certain to gain revenge on the person who cursed you.

Q: This is cool! Can I save my voodoo curse so I can look at it later?
A: You can bookmark your curse page and look at it as often as you like.

Q: Ok, ok. All kidding aside. This is freaking me out. I really, really need to know who cursed me. PinStruck must have records on people who send curses. Isn't there some way I can find out?
A: No. We don't know and we can't tell you.

Q: What? I really, really, really, really need to know who cursed me! If I send nasty e-mail to "someone in charge"threatening to stomp about like a frenzied maniac if you don't tell me who cursed me, will you then tell me who cursed me?
A: No. We tried to be nice. We told you all curses were anonymous, but you wouldn't listen. Just by asking this question you are invoking the wrath of the double dog secret super backwards curse. Click here to read a long and detailed explanation on why we can't tell you who cursed you so we never have to explain again.

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