What good is PinStruck?

Do you have a lot of people on your nasty list? Let PinStruck.com help you get revenge on those unfortunate folks in a completely passive aggressive and anonymous fashion.

PinStruck.com allows people like yourself to vent on their friends and enemies by sending them personalized voodoo curses via e-mail.

The process is simple:

Go to the send a voodoo curse section of PinStruck

Read and agree to the warning message

Fill out the online form with information about your intended victim. You can specify their general appearance, list their name, and choose a message from our list of happy choices. Don't forget to enter your victim's e-mail address.

Click the send my curse button and your message is on its way.

Your victim will receive an e-mail from PinStruck.com letting them know someone has placed a voodoo curse on them. To view their curse, they are prompted to click the web link included in the e-mail.

Upon clicking the link, your victim will be taken to the PinStruck.com web site where they will see a personalized effigy of themselves impaled with pins. You will be vindicated!

Even better, there is no way for your victim to figure out who sent the curse. Now is your chance to get revenge on everyone!

Want to see how it works? Send a curse to yourself and find out.

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Critical Acclaim:

"Use it wisely, because it's a pretty scary site. Seriously. It freaks us out."
-Time Digital

"Revenge is not the noblest impulse but, with the Internet to hide behind, it has certainly become easier to act upon."
- New York Times

"If passive-aggressive is more your style...."
-Time Magazine

"[Pinstruck.com] Combines third-world vengeance with no-fuss high-tech communication."
- Maxim Magazine

"PinStruck transcends the one-click joke by being clever not just in concept, but in execution."
- Apple (ireview on Apple.com)

"If things don't work out, Pinstruck [pinstruck.com] will curse your unlucky ex."
- Yahoo Internet Life

"In this case it is better to give than receive..."
- Ebay Magazine

About the authors:

Sometimes when web designers drink bad coffee and daydream, they dream up things like PinStruck.